Data Layers

The card for each layer contains information such as the name of the layer, the presence of thematics, etc.

To access the available tools, pass the cursor over the card of the layer you are interested in.

The icon of the layer reproduces its style, the appearance of the objects of the layer. The icon displays a number when a thematic is configured for the layer. The Thematics section offers details on this topic.


Layer name.

A small tooltip displays the name of the layer. If the layer has metadata (information about the data) its date of production displays in the tooltip.

Select This tool makes the elements of the layer selectable for editing, producing information reports, etc. The Making layer elements selectable section provides details on this topic.

Display To activate or deactivate the display of the layer in the map. The Displaying Layers section provides details on this feature.

Menu Contains other functions:

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