Roles are categories of JMap Cloud Portal users, defined by a set of general privileges to access and modify the organization's resources.

Each member of an organization has one of three roles:

  • Administrator

  • Editor

  • Visualizer

A user can only have one role.

Each role allows you to perform specific functions and access relevant sections of JMap Cloud Portal. Only users who hold the Administrator or Editor role access JMap Cloud Portal.

The figure schematizes the relationship between the three roles: the administrator accesses all the functions of JMap Cloud Portal and applications, the editor accesses the functions and resources linked to the data while the viewer only accesses the data and functions available in the applications.


An organization administrator is a JMap Cloud Portal user who performs administrative management tasks for their organization, including membership, payments, and API keys.

The administrator:

  • Create, modify and delete API keys

  • Configure organization settings

  • Invites members to join JMap Cloud Portal

  • Creates, edits information, and deletes organization members

  • Assigns and modifies the role of each member of the organization

  • Manages organization extensions

Tasks are performed from the Organization section of JMap Cloud Portal. The Managing the organization chapter offers details on each function.

The admin can also access the Dashboard from where can quickly create API keys.

Additionally, the administrator can perform all the tasks of the Editor role.


This is the default role of a member of an organization.

The editor accesses JMap Cloud Portal functions not related to the organization's administrative tasks. Its main task is to configure the maps that will be distributed through the applications.

The editor:

  • Creates, accesses, configures, modifies and deletes resources from JMap Cloud

    • Spatial data sources

    • Projects

    • Map layers

These tasks are performed from the Dashboard, Spatial Data Sources, and Projects sections of JMap Cloud Portal.


This is a user who accesses project data and functions through JMap Cloud applications.

This user does not access JMap Cloud Portal.

The viewer:

  • Access a project with its data layers

  • Navigates the map and interacts with the data in different ways (interactively selecting items, performing searches, displaying information, etc.)

  • Can edit the geometries and/or attributes of a map layer if they have edit permissions for the layer

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