The Layers Panel

The Layers panel contains the details of the project's layers and tools for different functions such as controlling the display or making the elements of a layer selectable.

  1. Within a project, groups of layers appear in the panel in the form of cards. A group can be opened to display its subgroups and layers, or it can be closed to show only its name.

  2. Pass the mouse over a layer to display the available tools. The Data Layers section offers details on these tools.

  3. Select a base map from the BASE MAP group. The name of the selected map is displayed with the name of the group.

    The base map attributions display at the bottom of the map.

Filtering layers

To speed up the identification of the layers that interest you, you can apply a filter.

  1. Enter characters in the range Layer Name to filter the layers based on their name.

  2. Select the attribute from the Filter by list, the operator from the Operator list, and the value by which you want to filter the layers.

  3. Click Add. The filter is displayed in the Layer filters box. Only the layers that pass the filter are displayed in the Layers panel.

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