Connecting Data: Spatial Data Sources

The first step in the workflow that leads to map distribution is connecting JMap Cloud to spatial data through the creation of Spatial Data Sources (SDS).

In the context of JMap Cloud, a spatial data source is any source that provides spatially referenced data.

JMap Cloud allows you to create SDS from vector or raster data files, WMS/WMTS services, vector tile services and feature services.

Vector and raster SDS can also be created from JMap Server when a JMap Server administrator synchronizes data sources, layers, or entire projects from a JMap Server to JMap Cloud. The details of this synchronization are presented in the JMap Server Administrator Manual.

The Spatial data sources section of JMap Cloud Portal provides functionality for uploading files to create data sources as well as directly creating spatial data sources from new files and data services.

These spatial data sources are subsequently available to create project map layers.

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