Updating data

You can edit data from a vector spatial data source. The procedure allows you to modify the file or web service that provides spatial data to the SDS.

  1. Select Update data to open the interface which allows you to select a new file or an already existing file in JMap Cloud or, in the case of a web service, to reconfigure the connection request to the service. If the file is not a recognized vector file, the file is refused and this message is displayed: This file is not compatible with the data source. The current SDS name, SCR, description and labels are displayed in the interface and you can keep them as is or change them. The attributes of the new file are displayed, and you can index attributes for easier searches. You must complete certain settings, depending on the file format. The settings are detailed in the Data Files section. A new spatial table is created with the new data, and the new table is associated with the existing data source. The old spatial table is deleted.

  2. Save. When the changes are completed the status of the SDS becomes Ready. If the SCR of the new file is not the same as the SCR you selected for the SDS, the data is not displayed in the map when you press Display Info.

The new vector data file may differ from the original file in format, SCR, geometries and attributes. In this case you need to update the configurations of the map layers that handle the SDS data.

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