This section allows you to create and send invitations to members of your organization to join JMap Cloud Portal.

Inviting a member

This is the function of the Members tab. To invite a member:

  1. Click on + Invite member.

  2. Provide the email address, select the role you are assigning to the guest member from the drop-down menu and select the language of correspondence.

  3. Click on Create. An interface appears indicating that the email has been sent and allowing you to copy the invitation link to the clipboard.

  4. Close the window. The invitation appears in the invitations table.

Displaying information or removing an invitation

  1. Click on Display info. The Invitation window opens displaying the email address of the invitee, the email address of the member who created the invitation, the invitation creation and expiration dates, the language of correspondence, the assigned role to the guest as well as the invitation link, which you can copy to the clipboard.

  2. Click on Delete to remove the JMap Cloud Portal invitation link. The invited member can no longer use the link to access it.

Invited members

The invited member receives an email from JMap Cloud inviting them to join the organization in JMap Cloud Portal.

In addition to displaying the name of the member who created the invitation, the email shows the invited member's email, organization name, and invitation link. An Accept Invitation hyperlink also appears at the end of the message.

The invited member can then click on the invitation link or the Accept invitation hyperlink to open the login interface Accept invitation to register | Portal that allows them to select a password to connect to JMap Cloud Portal for the first time.

If the invited member has the Administrator or Editor role, he accesses JMap Cloud Portal. If he has the Viewer role, once connected he accesses, via the JMap NG cartographic application, the projects for which he has access permissions.

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