Accessing JMap Cloud Portal

First connection

A JMap Cloud administrator in your organization will send you an invitation to join the JMap Cloud Portal.

The invitation sent by JMap Cloud contains a hyperlink that takes you to the JMap Cloud Portal login page. The interface for accepting the invitation to join JMap Cloud Portal displays your email address and the field for creating your password.

Once the password is created, click on Continue to progress through the login procedure detailed in the next section. If you already have an account, you can log in directly by clicking on Sign in.

Login procedure

Once you have created your account, you access JMap Cloud Portal via:

To continue the connection:

  1. Click on Login to display the JMap Cloud Portal login page.

  2. Enter the email address and password with which to log in to JMap Cloud Portal and press Continue. Once authentication is successful, the following interface prompts you to select your organization.

  3. Click on the organization you want to connect to. A new authentication is performed and you access the JMap Cloud Portal of the selected organization.

The home interface displays the dashboard which provides an overview of the JMap Cloud Portal resources for which you have access permissions.

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