Organizing Data into Projects

Once the data is connected, the next step is to organize it into projects that can be distributed to end users through mapping applications.

A project is composed of an ordered list of layers. A JMap Cloud mapping application opens projects and displays their layers. You can create as many projects as you want.

Each layer of a project is associated with a spatial data source. The data source provides the layer data. Different projects can contain layers sharing the same data sources, allowing for a variety of styles, information, themes, etc. for displaying the same data. It is also possible for several layers of the same project to share the same data source, using filters.

A project is a secure resource, which means that it has permissions associated with it to control access by end users. It is therefore possible to exercise precise control over which users will be authorized to open each project.

The Projects section of JMap Cloud Portal allows you to create and manage projects. You can also create projects directly from the Dashboard.

The following sections describe the steps for creating a new project as well as managing the projects you have access to.

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