Navigating on the Map

Several tools allow you to navigate the map.

Looking for a place

You can search for a specific place in the map:

  1. Enter search terms. You can enter an address, a postal code, a city name, a place, etc. JMap NG uses the Mapbox Geocoding service to find the location. As you enter information, places with matching information are displayed.

  2. When you search for another location, the mark of the previously selected location disappears.

Searching features on the project

You can search for an feature in the project based on the value of one of its attributes.

  1. Enter the search terms. As you enter terms in a list, elements in the project layers whose attribute value matches the terms you enter are displayed.

  2. Click the list the element you want to find. The map centers on the element which is selected.

  3. Click the layer name to select all features in the layer whose attribute value matches the terms you enter. The map centers on them.

The attributes to be used for this type of search must be indexed.

You can navigate on the map using your fingers or the cursor:

  1. Using your fingers you can zoom in and out, move the map, and tilt it to navigate on it in 3D, as shown in the figure below.

Centering the map at a coordinate and changing the scale

You can center the map at a specific coordinate and change the map scale:

  1. Press Scale to open the Change the map scale window.

  2. Enter the new scale or select it using the arrows. The scale of the map changes as you change the numbers.

  3. Press OK to close the window. The map is displayed at the scale you have chosen.

  4. Press the Latitude and Longitude (Lat Lon) data to open the Recenter the map window.

  5. Enter the new Latitude and / or Longitude or select them using the arrows. The map automatically recenters at the chosen coordinate.

  6. Press OK to close the window.

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