Layers can have thematics, the appearance of that layer's elements vary based on one or more attributes.

You can display more than one thematic for a layer at the same time.

To display the THEMATIC(S) panel of the layer:

  1. Click the layer icon. The THEMATIC(S) panel displays the legend of the thematics.

  2. Use the switch to enable or disable each thematic. The appearance of the icons representing the layer's objects will change according to your choice.

  3. You can uncheck one or more classes or categories of the thematic so as not to display on the map the elements of these classes.

  4. If the JMap administrator has configured it in this way, the thematic legend can be dynamic, i.e. the legend only shows the classes or categories of the elements displayed in the map. The classes of elements that are not displayed in the map are not shown in the legend. As you navigate the map, the legend changes depending on what is displayed there.

  5. Click on Back to return to the Layers panel.

Thematics management

This option is only available for layers that have thematics configured.

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